Flooring, Leveling and Hardscaping

While a pipe-based drainage system is critical to solving a drainage issue, it is not the only factor in effectively remediating your water problem. How the water is collected is an important consideration when planning any drainage system. Pipe-based drainage solutions rely on catching the water at the “low spot”. Therefore, many drainage problems require the movement of that “low spot” away from key areas or critical structures. In other words, we don’t want the “low spot” to be your kitchen door or the wall to your master bedroom.

At Blalock Drainage and Landscaping, we pride ourselves on improving the look and feel of your outdoor living space while also strategically moving your “low spot” for optimal drainage results. From concrete patio designs to the installation of crushed granite, flagstone, gravel or sod, Blalock can handle all your leveling & outdoor flooring needs!